You found this great noodle and tried it out, but you throw the package away and don’t remember the name. Perhaps it was a couple of weeks ago where you tried a prepackaged brownie mix and you can’t remember the brand name and they were really good.

So to stop the all-over looking this site contains listings of where one could find items.  So for instance if you wanted to know who had gluten-free beef, just check the Where is the Beef? page.  Or you can check the listings if you are newly diagnosed or even a seasoned warrior to see what the possibilities are out there waiting for you to enjoy!  So perhaps, when you find who might carry the  product it is easier to go to their site and look at the packaging to see if that is what you bought.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with your choices.  The first prepackaged choice you may try might may be the best there is or the choice needs to be made on dollar value of the item.  Just because it costs more it doesn’t mean it tastes better. Even deciding to make choices on the ease of cooking is always a valuable choice.

Or if you would like to do your own browsing a good place to start is at the GLUTEN FREE MALL.

Or if you do your shopping at AMAZON they do have a selection of items to try.

Or try out this page for a description of apps for your iPhone.  Some are even free.  APPS


Gift Ideas for the Allergy Person
The gift ideas for the allergy person below come from experience and as a multiple allergy sufferer the things that I have learned. The gifts range in prices from the thoughts of a stand mixer to a magazine subscription. Your allergy person will have probably told you or hinted at what they need to make their life easier and here are just a few thoughts of mine….

Gift ideas:

1.  The perfect Friday night pizza – give the AP the basics for pizza, the flours and the pizza pan and don’t forget the pizza cutter.

2.  Bakeware – from loaf pans to cake pans and even muffin tins. Remember when you make your choice to give cookware that has some density to it. It needs to distribute heat evenly.

3.   A stand-mixer that I got has a house-warming gift has saved me tons of time… just a thought.

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