Gluten-Free Beer?

If your special AP (allergy person) is over the legal drinking age….

There are so many gluten-free beers now available for the allergy person now on the market.  From your local establishment to your local store check to see what is available.

Just the idea of having a cold frosty mug on a hot summers day can be a simple pleasure that your AP person has missed.  Perhaps the AP doesn’t even know that the beer industry has  caught up to brewing items that they can drink.

For those that drink beer check out the list below:  (check back later too, it gets updated when a gluten-free label is found)

1. Aurochs Brewing Co. –

2. Omission Beer:

3. Bards Tale Beer:

4. Honey Beer:

5. New Grist Beer:

6. Redbridge Beer:

7. Lakefront Brewery – New Grist –

8. New Planet Beer –

9. Park Ridge Beer Company –  Prospect Avenue Beer –

10. Ramapo Valley – Passover Honey Beer –

11. Saint Louis Brewery – Schafly Gluten free –

12. Steadfast Beer –

13. Woodchuck Draft Cider –

14. Australia’s O’Brien Brewing:

15. Canada’s Les Beirese de La Nouvelle-France

16. United Kingdom’s: Fine Ale Club

17. Sprecher Brewery Mbege/Shakparo

18. Schnitzerbrau Gluten-Free Beer

19. Green’s Gluten-Free Beer (Discovery, Endeavor, Quest)

20. St Peters Brewery Gluten-Free Beer

21. Hambleton Ales Gluten-Free Brews


Not distributed in the US market:  (Australian market)

1. O’Brien Brewing

2. Billabong Brewing


Prairie Vodka – made from corn –

If you are one of the beer companies listed and you want the link active, just email us with the details.  EMAIL


Remember ingredients can change.  Read labels all the time, make it a habit!

Please drink responsibly!