Alternatives to wine and beer: gluten free and most contain no added sulfites

Bargetto Winery: (honey wine)

Rabbit’s Foot Meadery and Red Branch Cider: (honey wine, cider, cyser and hard lemonade)

Wild Blosson Meadery: wildblossonwines (honey wine and fruit wine)

Woodchuck Draft Ciders: (dry to medium flavored ciders)

Wyder’s Ciderss: (apple, pear, raspberry and peach cider)

Drinks with wine:

Roll wet raspberries or green grapes in granulated sugar, the freeze.  Add frozen fruit to white wines for a chilled touch of sweetness.

Crate your own fruity and refreshing White Wine Sangria by mixing fresh fruit slices with white wine, ginger ale or club soda and sugar to taste.


Listing of wine reviews;

Casillero del Diablo Merlot 2010 – it’s one big swirl of warm mocha, dry cocoa and bing cherry; so good, you don’t need to pair it with anything.

Santa Julia Malbec 2010 – It has a fruity, spice character that complements everything from cheesy pizza to slow cooked meats and stews.

Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel – Note of cinnamon and baking spices complement the season.

McWilliams Hanwood Estate Chardonnay – it’s a sunny fruit salad in a glass, a hint of sweet melon and vanilla.

Murphy-goode Zinfandel Liar’s Dice 2008 – a wonderful berry aroma, that pairs well with cheese and wine. (This has black pepper)



Blue Curacao – a liqueur made from laraha citrus fruit.