Snack Ideas for traveling via car: pretzels, baby carrots, cookies, allergy friendly deli meats and cheeses wrapped, allergy friendly candy

Some hotels have gone an extra step in order to create room(s) that are allergy – asthma friendly.  Do call ahead and make sure that the rooms that your need are available.

Americas Best Inns and Suites:
Comfort Inn Boston:
The Copley Square Hotel:
Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport:
Residence Inn Nashua Merrimack:
The Lenox Hotel:

Pure Rooms – check out they have a listing of hotels in major cities –  the most allergy friendly system on the market – 7 step process – Every surface and source of contaminants is treated to minimize likelihood that bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust & dust mites ever become present. Systems are put in place to maintain fresh, healthy ongoing environment.

Allergy Trails:

Review sites for allergy and gluten folks

Allergy Free Mouse: (guide to Disney World)

Staffer review:  try Disney’s Vision Quest, they served a great allergen friendly meal.


Allergy Free Mouse: (guide to Disney World)

Allergy Trails:

Cheeseburger in Paradise: (for gluten free, depending on your other allergies if this menu would be a good to fit.)

Gluten Free Registry: is a great site for listing bakers, caterers, grocers and more together.  Although specifically centered around gluten items, if you look at something that you may be interested in, their site have a listing of the other allergens.  For instance I found a Chick-fil-A that was listed and their website said that in  that they cooked exclusively with peanut oil.