You walked through the door into the allergy or gluten-free world or maybe even both.  Information is going to be your best asset.  Sometimes you may even go into information overload, but in this case it could be a really good thing.  It could also swing the other way, where you can’t find information on what you are looking for.

Doctors are going to tell you what to do, friends might chime in on what you need to do, and let’s not leave out if you are on social networks, where you can advice as well.  The thing that is helpful, is learning everything that you can and what you feel comfortable with doing.  If you have doubts, ask your doctor and if they don’t know, ask another doctor until you get the answer that you need.

One of the best resources that I have found lately is on Tweeter!  There is a great gluten-free and allergen friendly family.  Try asking your question there, for there are people there that are living the gluten-free and allergen free life.